Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Go Ask Your OB-GYN—5 Questions About Vaginal Rejuvenation

Whether you stumbled across it online, overheard it mentioned in a discussion on The View or discussed it in whispered tones over cocktails with a close girlfriend, it’s on your mind. Vaginal rejuvenation. You’re thinking about it and chances are, you have questions. A lot of them. Where talk shows and gab fests fall short, where do you turn for answers about such a sensitive topic? Try your OB-GYN. While he or she may not be trained to perform vaginal rejuvenation, they can provide medical insight and are a great place to start the conversation. Here are five questions to kick it off. 

1. I’m considering vaginal rejuvenation. As my doctor, what are your thoughts?


Here, “as my doctor” is key. You want their professional, medical advice and framing the question this way will help get the conversation off on the right track.  

2. What can you tell me about the possible risks, side effects and recovery period?


Answers—and willingness to provide answers—will vary based on your OB-GYN’s background and training. If your doctor isn’t sure, ask them to point you to some resources, such as medical journals or authoritative websites, where you can continue your research. 

3. Based on your continuing assessment of my gynecologic health, is vaginal rejuvenation a good fit for me? 


Every woman is different, and based on factors like age, goals and overall health, your OB-GYN should be able to assess how vaginal rejuvenation will fit into your life at this time. For instance, if you have discussed an interest in becoming pregnant, your OB-GYN may recommend that you wait until after bearing children to pursue surgery, as childbirth can contribute to decreased vaginal muscle tone—something vaginal rejuvenation can correct. 


4. Have you seen other patients who have undergone vaginal rejuvenation, and would you be able to discuss some of your general observations? 

While your OB-GYN has a legal and professional obligation to protect the privacy of his or her patients, they may be able to discuss observations and cases in an anonymous and general fashion. Reassure them you understand that privacy is their priority, and if they are uncomfortable going there, respect their stance.  

5. Can you recommend or refer me to a board certified OB-GYN and gynecologic surgeon?  

Doctors know doctors, and your OB-GYN may be happy to recommend and refer you to a trusted peer or colleague, especially when a specialty (like cosmetic vaginal surgery) is involved.  

For patients in Minnesota and beyond, Dr. Erhard is a board certified OB-GYN with a practice emphasis in vaginal rejuvenation surgery. If you are interested in learning more about what this procedure can do for you, email Dr. Erhard and her team at or read more about the procedure at

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