Friday, July 26, 2013

Labiaplasty: Giving Your Goods the “It” Factor

The vagina is an extraordinary organ, the root of a woman’s femininity and all too often, a source of considerable anxiety or discomfort. Listen up, ladies: With labiaplasty, it no longer has to be this way. Alleviating these anxieties can be accomplished with labia surgery; figuring out if the procedure is right for you starts with an understanding of what it can accomplish, from physical to aesthetic implications. Let’s dig in.  

Labiaplasty: An Overview 

As with any surgical procedure, the first step is a consultation. This is an opportunity to ask your surgeon important questions about the procedure, their training and preferred surgical techniques, as well as browse before and after photos to discuss and set your aesthetic goals. The procedure itself takes less than an hour, requires only local anesthetic and usually involves only mild discomfort during recovery. Most surgeons recommend a recovery period of 4-6 weeks—avoiding sexual activity during this time is a must—to allow your body to heal and ensure best results.   

Physical: Putting the “It” in Clit 

Often performed as part of a labiaplasty, clitoral hood reduction is just as it sounds: A procedure in which the size of the clitoral hood is reduced. The result? A more exposed clitoral glans—which in turn means greater sensitivity and easier access to the seat of female sexual stimulation. Women often opt to add clitoral hood reduction to the traditional labiaplasty, and post-operatively report higher arousal and greater satisfaction. We say: Let form meet function.  

Aesthetic: Don’t Let It All Hang Out 

For some women, accident, aging, injury or genes leave them with protrusive labia and vaginal discomfort. For others, however, it’s simply a matter of aesthetics. Labiaplasty offers relief for both. From correcting asymmetries to trimming excess, labia surgery is tailored to your unique needs and personal goals. With precision surgical techniques, the labia minora are retouched and the vulva beautified for an all-new you.  

If you are interested in learning more about what a labiaplasty can do for you, email Dr. Erhard and her team at or read more about the procedure at   


  1. I had Labiaplasty on the 4th of January. How long does it take for the swelling to go down? My doctor was great I'm just worried how it's going to look after the stiches come out around the hood area. I'm still taking the pain pills every 4 hours. This was alot more painful than I thought it would be.

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