Monday, July 29, 2013

Top 3 Reasons to Consider Vaginal Rejuvenation

Life takes a toll on our bodies, and while not all change is bad, of course, that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be reversible. Enter vaginal rejuvenation. Just like the rest of a woman’s body, our lady parts will age, change and become less gravity defying than they once were; vaginal rejuvenation can help reverse the combined effects of physical experience and aging. Has your love life taken a lackluster turn? Did childbirth come with some unexpected twists? Are you coming up on a milestone birthday, and looking for that fountain of youth? Vaginal rejuvenation does not a miracle make, but a happy woman it may. Here are three reasons it might be time for you to consider it. 

1. Reinvigorate Your Love Life  

Ever had the feeling that you couldn’t feel as much during sexual intercourse? Decreased vaginal muscle tone can contribute to lessened sexual satisfaction, along with other uncomfortable effects like urinary incontinence. Vaginal rejuvenation corrects this by strengthening the perineal muscles and gently decreasing the internal and external diameter of the vaginal canal, for more sensation and more control.  

2. Get Your Pre-Baby Body Back 

Women often describe childbirth as a beautiful or momentous occasion, and as such, it should be celebrated. But that ignores another side of the experience: the physical effects on the vaginal canal and surrounding tissue. When putting together your plan to regain that pre-baby body, diet and fitness might not be the whole package. If you have no plans for further pregnancies, consider vaginal rejuvenation to tone and tighten. The procedure can be completed alone or as part of a labia surgery, and recovery wraps up in a matter of weeks—a perfect timeline for a busy mom. 

3. Celebrate a Milestone Birthday 

You’re coming up on 40, 50, 60 or 70. You feel like treating yourself, but aren’t sure how. Exotic vacations and luxury shopping sprees are good go-to’s for the average dame, but for the woman interested in investing in herself, they don’t ring true. If this sounds like you, consider vaginal rejuvenation. Feel renewed and rejuvenated as you enter your next life chapter—and what a great way to begin again. 

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  1. Vaginoplasty, probably the most common of vaginal rejuvenation procedures, tightens the walls of the vagina via suturing—usually after repeated childbirths have loosened them.

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