Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Ins and Outs of Vaginoplasty

Vaginoplasty is a broad term; it can refer to reconstructive, rejuvenative or purely cosmetic procedures involving any of a number of organs and tissues related to the genital region of a woman. With that much information encompassed, it can be difficult for patients to parse out the data related to the procedure that interests them, or even match up intended goals with the appropriate operation. That confusion ends here. Below is a guideline of the "ins and outs" of vaginoplasty, with four different surgeries outlined by name and designated as “in” or “out,” based on whether the organ of interest is located internally or externally.

In: Hymen Repair/Reconstruction

This one’s a bit unusual in our day and age, and not widely performed in western medicine. Usually requested for religious or other ceremonial purposes, the procedure involves reconstructing or repairing the hymen.

Out: Labiaplasty

In contrast, labiaplasty is a very popular procedure. This surgery involves the resizing of the genital lips, and often includes either a labia minora reduction or a labia majora augmentation (less common). Labiaplasty can be performed to correct asymmetries, as well as to address discomfort from clothing, exercise or sex. 

In: G-Spot Amplification  


Ah, the g-spot: subject of myth and medical journal alike, and now, the subject of a new procedure that promises to raise sexual gratification. Located on the inside wall of a woman’s vaginal canal, the g-spot is thought to be the center of arousal and orgasm. To that end, G-Spot Amplification is an outpatient procedure in which a small amount of collagen is injected underneath the g-spot, raising that sensitive zone and increasing its stimulation during sexual intercourse. Results are immediate and last anywhere from 4-6 months.

Out: Clitoral Unhooding

Exactly as it sounds, clitoral unhooding refers to a procedure in which excess skin that may be hanging over the clitoris is trimmed away. Clitoral unhooding is often performed in conjunction with a labiaplasty, and is intended to increase stimulation and improve sexual gratification as well as deliver a pleasing aesthetic result. 
For women in Minnesota and beyond, Dr. Erhard is a board certified gynecologist and cosmetic surgeon with a practice emphasis in vaginoplasty and labiaplasty. If you are interested in learning more about what these procedures can do for you, email Dr. Erhard and her team at or read more about the procedures at


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