Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Vaginal Tightening 101 (For Those Too Embarrassed to Ask)

Alright, ladies. This may sound bold, but we’re just going to come right out with it: vaginal tightening is the new black. Plastic surgery is infamous for its fads—the Botox freeze, anyone?—but this outpatient procedure is the equivalent of an investment piece. It’s also rife with myths, dubious product marketing and unanswered questions for women interested but too afraid to ask. Here’s everything you need to know about vaginal tightening, from the good news to the just plain weird.  

101.1: Reasons to Go For It  

“Sex isn’t quite what it used to be.” Childbirth, aging and plain old genetics can all play a role in the changing circumference of your love canal. Our favorite new mantra? Change is inevitable, but not irreversible. Surgical vaginal tightening, also known as vaginoplasty, decreases the internal and external diameter of the vagina. Vaginal tightening is often performed in conjunction with a labia minora reduction; both can have a profound effect on sexual gratification.  

“Sometimes when I laugh, sneeze or run...” You don’t even have to finish that thought—we’ve all been there. The medical term for it is “stress urinary incontinence,” but in the vernacular it’s the little leak that starts to happen with age, after childbirth, or sometimes, for no apparent reason at all. Vaginal tightening surgery decreases the diameter of the vaginal canal, as well as tightens and tones the surrounding muscles and tissue, moving this concern from daily problem to distant memory.   

101.2: Don’t Trust Topicals  

“Feel 18 Again!” We say: Think again. Innumerable topical products (read: gels and creams) are being marketed with far-reaching promises as vaginal tightening miracle cures. There is little to no evidence of success with these types of products. If one such product piques your interest, your best bet is to discuss it with your OB-GYN. He or she will be able to get you a medical thumbs up or down about the product, as well as provide information about proven alternatives, such as surgical intervention.  

101.3: Talk to Your Doctor  

For women in Minnesota and beyond, Dr. Erhard is a board certified gynecologist and cosmetic surgeon with a practice emphasis in vaginal tightening and labia minora reduction. If you are interested in learning more about what these procedures can do for you, email Dr. Erhard and her team at or read more at

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  1. Vaginoplasty, probably the most common of vaginal rejuvenation procedures, tightens the walls of the vagina via suturing—usually after repeated childbirths have loosened them.