Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Benefits of Facial Peels

Wayzata Cosmetic Surgery & SpaFacial peels use a chemical, which is applied to the skin in order to strip off the top layer, providing a fresh, new layer once it has been removed. This helps to get rid of any scarring and other skin problems. Different types of facial peels are on offer to suit varying types of patients and levels of severity. There are many advantages to using skin facial peels, so can be a viable option for anyone looking into improving the appearance of their face. 
Facial peels can be used to eradicate or improve various skin issues. This may include scarring due to acne for example, as well as wrinkles, fine lines or sun damage. If your skin is aging rapidly, then it can also help to make your face appear younger by giving it a smoother and fresher appearance. It often improves the complexion and texture of the skin, giving it a smoother feel as well. This can improve the patients confidence a lot and helps them to lead a happier life.

The procedure does not require any cutting into the skin, meaning it is less likely to scar and there will be a minimal amount of pain. This makes them safer than most other cosmetic surgery treatments, as the risk of infection is also minimized. The good news is that the procedure usually only takes 10 to 15 minutes to administer. The results are usually seen right away and you can get back to your daily tasks as soon as possible in most cases. There may be a few side effects involved, such as redness or slight itching, but these are often mild and should clear up pretty quickly.

You need to be realistic about what your skin will look like after the facial peel. It may look slightly swollen and red for a day or so afterwards (depending of the facial), so it is ideal to not arrange anything important during that time. The results should be seen fairly soon following the procedure, but it takes time to heal properly. As the days and weeks go by, you’ll see a good improvement. Your skin should be smoother, fresher and softer with reduced or no scarring and signs of aging.


  1. I have 1-2 month old scare on my forehead. It's kind of big and looks soo bad. I need to remove it or at least need to make less noticeable. Please how can i find doctor in my area? I'm in Virginia state. Any body know about good cosmetic surgeon in this area? It can be in VA,DC,MD
    smita sharma

  2. Nice skin on the photo.
    Chemical peeling